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B.Sc (1st Class Honours) majoring in Pure Chemistry, NUS

NUS Science Faculty Dean's List

Post Graduate Diploma in Education, NIE

Cambridge International Examinations Marking Course

Teaching Experience

MOE Junior Colleges

Making Sense Chemistry Tuition: A Level Chemistry Specialist

Total of more than 10 years experience

Students' Results

MOE Junior Colleges: 70% A and B

Making Sense Chemistry Tuition: 90% A and B


Affordable High Quality Physical Class and Online Chemistry Tuition

The Chemistry Practice is a learning centre that offers Chemistry Tuition that was set up by Mr Kelvin to provide high quality H2 Chemistry tuition and O Level Pure Chemistry tuition in Singapore. By delivering H2 Chemistry and Pure Chemistry tuition lessons online and physical class, we are able to cater to different needs of students who aspire to excel in the subject.

Mr Kelvin is The Chemistry Practice’s principal chemistry tutor in Singapore. With more than 10 years of experience as a chemistry tutor in Singapore, Mr Kelvin is a highly experienced A Level Chemistry Tutor, having taught A Level H2 Chemistry in MOE Junior Colleges and A Level H2 Chemistry tuition at Making Sense Chemistry Tuition Centre. With proven academic excellence and work experience as an educator, he is capable of teaching A level chemistry to our online and physical class students. Our weekly online and physical class lessons are always engaging and in-depth, students will definitely benefit from our lessons. We strive to provide the best A Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore.

Why You Should Join The Chemistry Practice

Excel at A Level Chemistry and O Level Chemistry with Singapore’s best H2 chemistry tuition and Pure Chemistry tuition. Our online classes and physical classes are all taught by Mr Kelvin and his team of tutors, who are all highly qualified H2 Chemistry tutor and O Level Chemistry tutor with over 10 years of experience with MOE and tuition. With engaging lessons at affordable rates, The Chemistry Practice is able to guide students towards chemistry mastery.

Competent Tutor

As a former MOE JC lecturer and tuition centre tutor, Mr Kelvin is well versed with the H2 Chemistry syllabus. He is also trained by Cambridge on A level Chemistry marking, so he knows exactly what to write to score the maximum marks!

Proven Method

We know how to get you the distinction for A Level Chemistry. Mr Kelvin will personally guide you through our T.C.P approach.
1. Techniques
2. Content
3. Practice

Premium Resources

All resources are written and reviewed numerous times by Mr Kelvin. Notes and questions are always updated to keep up with the latest trend of Prelims and A level Chemistry questions. For online classes, these will be delivered to your house!

Online Live or Physical Class Lessons

Students can choose to attend our online lessons or physical class lessons. Students can save on travelling time and maximise the use of time for revision for online lessons.

Affordable Rates

You can get the best A Level Chemistry tutor at an affordable rate in Singapore! No deposit, no material fee, no joining fee.

Flat rate of $70 per online lesson and $90 per physical class lesson.

Unlimited Consultations

Send your questions to Mr Kelvin through WhatsApp or arrange for consultation with Mr Kelvin. All these features are FREE as they are part of our commitment to help students.

What Our Students Have to Say

Our students have been to the best H2 chemistry tuition O Level Pure chemistry tuition in Singapore

and they are all getting the grades that they deserve.

Let Mr Kelvin help you to achieve your goals.

Mr Kelvin is a very dedicated tutor who goes the extra mile to make sure we understand the concepts and was willing to answer questions that we have online even when its quite late. His lessons are also fun and engaging and every session is always fruitful with new knowledge learnt!
Justin Koh
Justin Koh
Anderson Junior College
Mr Kelvin is one of the best chemistry teachers I've ever had. A caring and dedicated teacher, he always encourages us to ask questions and is willing to spend time with us to clear any doubts. I always found his explanations very succinct and understandable. I am very lucky to have been his student.
Lee Qi An
Lee Qi An
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a dedicated and patient tutor. He spent numerous hours outside lessons to provide consultation sessions for his students. Also, he ensures that his students fully understand a concept before moving on. Under his thoughtful guidance, I have obtained distinction in H2 Chemistry for the GCE A level.
Lin Jun Jie
Lin Jun Jie
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a great teacher who is passionate in helping students strengthen their concepts in Chemistry. A very thoughtful teacher that understands students’ needs well, and always take a step further to attend to every student.
Mok Ju Heng
Mok Ju Heng
Anderson Junior College
Sarah ChooSarah Choo
05:47 10 Feb 22
Mr Kelvin is one of the most caring, patient and dedicated teachers I have ever met. Fueled by his strong passion, his lessons are engaging and he explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand and digest. This makes learning chemistry much easier (even the often-lamented organic chemistry chapters). Lessons and notes given by Mr Kelvin are well structured and greatly aid with mastery of the subject content. Beyond that, Mr Kelvin puts in the effort to ensure that all of us are well prepared for our exams through carefully curated revision packages – with commonly tested questions as well as challenging questions to stretch us. Mr Kelvin is also very approachable and always ready to extend his help whenever needed. I am very lucky to have been taught by him and definitely would not have enjoyed Chemistry as much as I did without his help. If you are looking to find your love for Chemistry and ace the subject, I strongly recommend Mr Kelvin!😊
Mr Kelvin's lessons are easy to understand even though I've been attending them online and not for physical lessons. I learn much better with the detailed explanations for concepts and even managed to jump 2 grades to get an A for prelims! The practical revisions were also very useful in helping me prepare for the A level practical exam since my school didn't have nay form of revision after Prelims.
Rangi HoRangi Ho
11:55 22 Oct 21
Mr Kelvin has been super encouraging throughout the entire journey and his notes are super helpful when studying. He constantly makes the extra effort to ensure we understand our content and even took extra time off to hold consultations. He even went the extra mile by providing care packages during the hectic exam period. Thank you and definitely recommend!!! 🙂
Pranavi KiranPranavi Kiran
10:56 22 Oct 21
Matches the pace of the students and goes out of his way to provide quick help and is very considerate of students. Helps to go through the foundations, discovering and clearing misconceptions and gives good tips. The learning style is very efficient and helpful!
10:07 22 Oct 21
Mr Kelvin is the most dedicated chemistry tutor I've ever met! He is always patient and attentive to whatever questions I have for chemistry, providing detailed and professional explanations to answer my doubts. Moreover, Mr Kelvin goes beyond textbook knowledge and offers tips and techniques to excel in chemistry. If you are looking for H2 Chemistry tuition tp secure that highly coveted A grade, I can confidently recommend The Chemistry Practice as one of, if not the best in Singapore! Not to mention it is value for money as well 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Our A Level Chemistry tuition lessons are conducted online live via Zoom or at a physical class. Contact us for more details regarding our physical class lessons.

Yes we do. We understand that it is important for the student to be comfortable with the tutor so that we can help students to achieve their desired grade for H2 Chemistry. Click here to register for free trial to experience our chemistry tuition.

Definitely yes! Our online Chemistry tuition lesson delivered via Zoom is interactive where Mr Kelvin will conduct quizzes during the lesson to probe students' understanding. Mr Kelvin will also be able to monitor all students as students are expected to switch on their webcam at all times. Students will also be able to ask questions in the online live lesson.

Not an absolute must, but students who attends A Level chemistry tuition will generally perform better in examinations. This is because they will be guided by highly qualified tutor, Mr Kelvin, who will explained concepts clearly to students and not rushed through them. They will also be given additional resources like higher order questions to expand their academic limits and gain exposure to different question types.

At The Chemistry Practice, we believe that high quality chemistry tuition should be affordable. Our fees are one of the lowest in the industry but rest assured that quality will never be compromised. You or your child with be getting the best chemistry tuition in Singapore. Our fees are $70 per online lesson and $90 per physical class lesson. Please visit our H2 Chemistry Programme page for more details.

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