Survival Tips For Junior College
Mr Kelvin

Mr Kelvin

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Survival Tips For Junior College

Congratulations on your posting to Junior College (JC)! School life has just started (again), but in a brand new environment this time round. These survival tips would hopefully help you adapt and navigate through your JC life with ease.

  • Time Management

Compared to secondary school life, JC life will definitely be more hectic. Without proper planning of your time, you may find yourself struggling and burning the midnight oil for your deliverables. Have a look at your schedule, sort out your priorities and ensure that exercise and rest time are sufficiently considered. Over-stretching yourself may turn out counterproductive as one may end up falling sick, which leads to more down-time.  Be flexible and amend your schedule after milestones (such as test or exam results) to optimise your schedule. The schedule should be a sustainable one which allows you to be consistent over a long period of time.

  • Understand Concepts vis-à-vis Rote Learning

The JC curriculum is different from the previous ten years of education in primary and secondary school in that rote learning may not be as effective. Often, students think that they may be able to ace ‘A’ levels by pure memorisation and doing the ten-year series. These students end up doing very badly for the exams even though they are very diligent. Work smart by using your limited time to understand the concepts and work on your application technique which is proven to be a more effective method not only for school but also for your working life in future.

  • Learning Environment

As simple as it sounds, this may not be done by many. Survey your room and declutter the mess if any. Ensure that your working space is comfortable and conducive for learning. It should not be full of mess/snacks and lighting should be appropriate. If your home is not conducive for learning, consider other learning space such as the library or co-working spaces.

  • Emotional Support

If studying alone is tough and depressing, consider studying together with friends for that emotional boost. Share your problems with your friends and family who may be able to offer you feasible solutions and alleviate your problems. Bottling your feelings may multiply the stress effect which further hinders your learning. In extreme cases, students may break down and perform badly in the exams even though they have been consistently performing in school prior to the exams.

  • Milestones and Treats

Ultimately, schoolwork is just a part of your life. Do not be too hard on yourself. Set mini milestones and pamper yourself to treats such as entertainment, happy food and massage because you deserve it. These treats allow you to recharge and be more productive in the long run.

  • Physical Well-Being

Physical well-being should also not be overlooked. Observe a healthy diet and keep yourselves hydrated. That is not to say that one should eliminate bubble tea or fried chicken totally from their diet. Consume everything in moderation. Observe personal hygiene and mask up especially as community cases are ticking up.   

  • Seek Help Early

Though the learning curve is much steeper in JC life, the silver lining is that help is always there from your teachers. Teachers are able to offer consultation slots for their students outside the scheduled school hours for them to deepen their understanding of the topics. Always clarify your doubts on time and not let it snowball to an undesirable state. If further help is required, you may wish to consider tuition.

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