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4 Benefits Of Learning At A Chemistry Tuition In Singapore

With the A levels being a daunting affair for many students, our children need all the help they can get to strengthen their academic foundations and score well in their exams. Take a look at our helpful video, and read on to learn more about 4 benefits of learning at a chemistry tuition in Singapore.

1. It allows for online learning.

With the COVID-19 pandemic severely restricting social interaction, online learning has become the de-facto arrangement for chemistry tuitions in Singapore. Online learning offers various advantages, such as helping students save time from travelling to and from tuition centre venues, allowing them to learn conducively from the comfort of their home, as well as facilitating their learning even while they are recovering from mild conditions at home and have to stay isolated from their peers.

Our online chemistry tutor, Mr Kelvin, has extensive experience in both teaching and grading chemistry in Singapore, making him an excellent tutor for your child. As one of the pioneer tutors to adopt online learning in Singapore, Mr Kelvin makes both physical and online lessons an engaging affair, such as using online polls and reaction buttons to create an interactive atmosphere for students.

2. It facilitates your child’s learning.

JC students often find it hard to learn effectively in lecture settings, being easily distracted or not having ample opportunities to practice and revise the content they have learnt. This can result in key concepts being inadequately grasped, which can negatively affect students’ performance particularly for subsequent topics which require students to have a solid understanding of prior topics. 

As one of the best chemistry tuitions in Singapore, TCP adopts a methodology of Techniques, Content, and Practice to promote students’ excellence. Students learn useful techniques to solve various types of chemistry questions present in exams, have comprehensive coverage of topics for content mastery, as well as rigorous practice questions and solutions. Students are also exposed to higher order questions to stretch their ability to answer questions beyond the syllabus, further helping them to score well. 

3. It keeps your child disciplined.

With the numerous opportunities awaiting students in JC, many students often lose their study momentum as early on as their first term in J1. This leads to a snowball effect where they are permanently playing catch-up on previous topics while struggling with the current topics taught in school, and in worst-case scenarios can even lead to students retaining another year.

Chemistry tuitions in Singapore provide a consistent stream of carefully-prepared questions based on the H2 Chemistry syllabus. This builds up your child’s discipline in studies through being able to study for hours at a time without distraction, and also builds up their confidence through seeing their progress over time. TCP is offering a Crash Course series in December consisting of 4 major J1 topics, helping your child to consolidate their understanding and be prepared for J2 the following year.

4. Students enjoy unlimited consultations.

The lecture-tutorial style of learning in JC means that the onus is up to each student to track their own learning, and to arrange for consultations with their tutors in school to clarify their academic doubts. This can be a difficult affair especially for students juggling additional responsibilities such as CCA training and leadership roles, which can impact their learning in the long run.

As an online chemistry tutor, Mr Kelvin offers round-the-clock access to unlimited consultations to help students clarify their Chemistry concerns. They can simply WhatsApp him questions they may have, such as while practicing a chemistry paper; or arrange for a 1-to-1 consultation to clarify conceptual struggles. Students are also encouraged to ask questions anytime during tuition lessons.

Interested in enrolling your child in one of Singapore’s best chemistry tuitions? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our classes and rates.