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Mr Kelvin is our Principal Tutor at The Chemistry Practice. As an A Level Chemistry tutor, Mr Kelvin specialises in engaging students via physical and online lessons. Our H2 Chemistry Programme is also structured to incorporate online learning to increase students exposure to chemistry concepts and questions. 

He also designed our methodology for O-level chemistry tuition to help students taking up O-level chemistry pass the national exam. The Pure Chemistry Tuition being offered at The Chemistry Practice is the reflection of his will to help those who are finding the Chemistry subject too complex so they can perform better in school and develop a keen interest in the subject. Learn more about Mr Kelvin through his background detailed below:

Kelvin Ang


  • Cambridge Examiner for A Level Chemistry
  • Straight As for GCE A level
  • B.Sc (1st Class Honours) majoring in Pure Chemistry, NUS
  • NUS Science Faculty Dean’s List
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education, NIE

Teaching Experience

  • MOE Junior Colleges: Serangoon Junior College and Anderson Junior College
  • Private one-to-one tuition
  • Private tuition centre: A Level Chemistry Specialist
  • Total of more than 10 years experience


  • MOE Junior Colleges: 70% A and B
  • Private one-to-one tuition: 100% A and B
  • Private Tuition Centre: 90% A and B

Read more about Mr Kelvin

Upon completing his A Level examination, Mr Kelvin was awarded the Local Study Award by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) where he was trained as an air traffic controller and rose to the rank of Captain.

While under the sponsorship of SAF for undergraduate studies, Mr Kelvin chose to pursue his passion of reading Chemistry with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and he graduated with First Class Honours. During his time at NUS, he was placed on the Dean’s List on multiple occasions. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he started providing one-to-one private tuition to A Level students and helped them to achieve excellent results for H2 Chemistry.

After graduating from NUS and fulfilling his sponsorship bond with the SAF, Mr Kelvin was encouraged by the positive results of his students and decided to join the teaching fraternity with Ministry of Education and completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Education with the National Institute of Education with specialisation in JC Chemistry. Subsequently, he was posted to teach H2 Chemistry at Serangoon Junior College and Anderson Junior College.

While teaching at these two colleges, Mr Kelvin was privileged to have taught students of varied abilities and helping them to improve their Chemistry grade.  When the new H2 Chemistry syllabus was introduced in 2016, Mr Kelvin was intimately involved in the review of lecture notes, tutorial questions and practical experiments to best prepare students for the new Chemistry syllabus. In the first year of new syllabus examination, Mr Kelvin was also appointed as the college H2 Chemistry Subject Supervisor by Singapore Examination and Assessment Board to oversee the conduct of the A Level practical examinations.

Having accumulated teaching experience in MOE Junior Colleges, Mr Kelvin believes that he can better empower students to do better in Chemistry if he has greater autonomy to plan the lesson structure and content, thus he decided to join the private practice. Mr Kelvin then taught at an established A Level Chemistry tuition centre with several branches in Singapore where he helped to create H2 Chemistry teaching materials and revision programme.

In 2020, Mr Kelvin started The Chemistry Practice to provide high quality H2 Chemistry tuition at an affordable rate to A Level students. He strongly believes that H2 Chemistry tuition should remain affordable so that he will be able to help as many students as possible. Mr Kelvin is probably one of the few online Chemistry tutors in Singapore who is able to engage students in the online learning space. As one of the pioneer online A Level Chemistry Tutor, Mr Kelvin is always exploring the use of new technologies to engage students and create interesting online chemistry tuition lesson.

For students who requires financial assistance, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or Contact Us page, Mr Kelvin will never hesitate to help as he too, came from a humble background and grew up in a single-parent family.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be able to teach H2 Chemistry well, a H2 Chemistry tutor should at least possess a Chemistry degree from a reputable university. This is due to the demand of the H2 Chemistry syllabus and examination questions. It is common for examination questions to go beyond the syllabus and test students on application skills. H2 Chemistry Tutors should also possess different teaching pedagogies to engage students. Read more about selection of H2 Chemistry Tutor in our article here.

Private one-to-one tuition ranges from $40 to $150 per hour depending on the H2 Chemistry tutor's qualification. Chemistry Undergraduates usually charges $40-$50 per hour while current/former JC Chemistry teachers charges $100-$150 per hour. H2 Chemistry Group classes at tuition centre usually charges $50-$60 per hour. Compared to the rates mentioned above, The Chemistry Practice provides the highest value at the lowest cost. Mr Kelvin is a former MOE JC Chemistry lecturer and the tuition fees here is even lower than those charged by undergraduates! The cost savings from rental of a physical centre are given back to the students.

Private one-to-one Chemistry tutor in Singapore can be costly, as it ranges from $50 to $150 per hour depending on the tutor's qualifications. Yet, private one-to-one tuition may not be effective as the H2 Chemistry tutor may not be adequately equipped to teach A Level Chemistry. A private tutor does not mean high quality teaching. The selection of H2 Chemistry tutor has to be holistic, factoring in the teaching experience, qualifications and personality of the Chemistry Tutor.

There is no right or wrong answer as it really depends on the learning profile of the student. Some students may feel very stressful in a one-to-one environment and learning would then be counter productive. Our online live H2 Chemistry lessons combines the benefits of both one-to-one and group tuition. With online live Chemistry lessons at home, students can focus better without distraction from others and yet, they will be able to arrange consultations with our H2 Chemistry tutor, Mr Kelvin, and ask him questions. On top of that, students can also ask questions via WhatsApp.

No one in the industry is able to guarantee an A grade for H2 Chemistry as the grade is affected by multiple factors. However, what we can assure students and parents is that our H2 Chemistry tuition curriculum is carefully crafted and planned to provide maximum support for our students. Students who join our H2 Chemistry tuition as early as start of JC1 will have a much higher probability of doing well.

We dare say Mr Kelvin is one of the best H2 Chemistry Tutor that one can find in Singapore. If you look at the profile of Mr Kelvin as a H2 Chemistry tutor and his teaching experiences, students are definitely in a safe pair of hands under the guidance of Mr Kelvin.

What Our Students Have to Say

Our students have been to the best H2 chemistry tuition in Singapore

and they are all getting the grades that they deserve.

Let Mr Kelvin help you to achieve your goals.

Mr Kelvin is a very dedicated tutor who goes the extra mile to make sure we understand the concepts and was willing to answer questions that we have online even when its quite late. His lessons are also fun and engaging and every session is always fruitful with new knowledge learnt!
Justin Koh
Justin Koh
Anderson Junior College
Mr Kelvin is one of the best chemistry teachers I've ever had. A caring and dedicated teacher, he always encourages us to ask questions and is willing to spend time with us to clear any doubts. I always found his explanations very succinct and understandable. I am very lucky to have been his student.
Lee Qi An
Lee Qi An
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a dedicated and patient tutor. He spent numerous hours outside lessons to provide consultation sessions for his students. Also, he ensures that his students fully understand a concept before moving on. Under his thoughtful guidance, I have obtained distinction in H2 Chemistry for the GCE A level.
Lin Jun Jie
Lin Jun Jie
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a great teacher who is passionate in helping students strengthen their concepts in Chemistry. A very thoughtful teacher that understands students’ needs well, and always take a step further to attend to every student.
Mok Ju Heng
Mok Ju Heng
Anderson Junior College