December 2021 Crash Course Banner

"I should have done better for my JC1 exams"
"I will work harder for JC2 next year"

If you are having these thoughts, then you are on the right page. This December, we have curated a series of crash courses of four major topics from JC1.

Use the December holiday to CHARGE UP your JC1 topics! Consolidate your concepts for these major topics of JC1 so that you will be ready for JC2 in 2022.

All lessons are taught personally by highly qualified H2 Chemistry tutor, Mr Kelvin.

Kelvin Ang


  • Straight As for GCE A level
  • B.Sc (1st Class Honours) majoring in Pure Chemistry, NUS
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education, NIE
  • Cambridge International Examinations Marking Course

Teaching Experience

  • MOE Junior Colleges: Serangoon Junior College and Anderson Junior College
  • Private tuition centre: A Level Chemistry Specialist
  • Total of more than 10 years experience


  • MOE Junior Colleges: 70% A and B
  • Private one-to-one tuition: 100% A and B
  • Private Tuition Centre: 90% A and B

What to expect from these crash courses?

Review Key Concepts

Mr Kelvin will take you through the re-cap of key concepts for each topic, so you don't have to worry if you have forgotten those concepts.

Foundation Questions

In order to have a good understanding of the topic, we will be doing some foundation questions.

Application Questions

To have a good mastery of the topic, we will also be attempting examinations type of questions.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

How are these crash courses conducted?

○ All our lessons are conducted at our physical centre and concurrrently streamed live via Zoom

○ Students attending the lessons via livestream are expected to download the Zoom Client software prior to lessons

How do I receive the materials for the crash courses?

○ Students attending the lessons via livestream will receive the course materials by mail if payment is made at least 4 working days (Mon-Fri) before Lesson 1 of each topic.

○ Students attending the lessons at the physical centre will receive them on the spot.

○ For alternative arrangements, please contact us on WhatsApp 8875 8789 to enquire.

What if I don't understand some parts of the lesson?

○ Students can send their questions to Mr Kelvin using the Zoom chat function

○ Students can also stay behind after lesson to clarify with Mr Kelvin

○ For questions that arises after the lessons, please WhatsApp Mr Kelvin directly

What if I could not make it for some dates but I am interested in the topics?

○ Please contact us at 8875 8789, we will help you with the make-up lesson.

What Our Students Have to Say

Our students have been to the best H2 chemistry tuition in Singapore and they are all getting the grades that they deserve.
Let Mr Kelvin help you to achieve your goals.

Mr Kelvin is a very dedicated tutor who goes the extra mile to make sure we understand the concepts and was willing to answer questions that we have online even when its quite late. His lessons are also fun and engaging and every session is always fruitful with new knowledge learnt!
Justin Koh
Justin Koh
Anderson Junior College
Mr Kelvin is one of the best chemistry teachers I've ever had. A caring and dedicated teacher, he always encourages us to ask questions and is willing to spend time with us to clear any doubts. I always found his explanations very succinct and understandable. I am very lucky to have been his student.
Lee Qi An
Lee Qi An
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a dedicated and patient tutor. He spent numerous hours outside lessons to provide consultation sessions for his students. Also, he ensures that his students fully understand a concept before moving on. Under his thoughtful guidance, I have obtained distinction in H2 Chemistry for the GCE A level.
Lin Jun Jie
Lin Jun Jie
Serangoon Junior College
Mr Kelvin is a great teacher who is passionate in helping students strengthen their concepts in Chemistry. A very thoughtful teacher that understands students’ needs well, and always take a step further to attend to every student.
Mok Ju Heng
Mok Ju Heng
Anderson Junior College

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