O Level Chemistry

Many students struggle with O Level Chemistry as they encounter difficulties in connecting the various concepts together and they did not know what Cambridge examiners are looking out for in the answers. Our O Level Chemistry tuition programme is here to bridge these gaps. Our O Level Chemistry tutors are trained to help you to connect the various chemistry concepts together and highlight to you the important points to include in your O Level Chemistry examinations.

Key Features of O Level Chemistry Tuition by The Chemistry Practice

Our O Level Chemistry tuition class is a structured programme including sec 3 and sec 4 chemistry tuition that will help students gain confidence and mastery of the topics in O Level Chemistry and eventually improve their grades in the subject. All lessons are taught by our professional and highly qualified O-level Chemistry tutor, Ms Hazel, who is an ex-MOE school teacher. Our teaching experience allows our tutors to efficiently identify the learning difficulties among the students and create a tailored teaching approach for them. Enrol your child in our O-level Chemistry Tuition today to start honing the skills he/she needs to excel in Chemistry.

O Level Chemistry Tutor:

Ms Hazel Chia



  • B.Sc (Major in Chemistry), NUS

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Chemistry Specialisation), NIE-NTU

Teaching Experience:

  • Ex-MOE secondary school teacher

  • More than 10 years of teaching experience

  • Taught at Stalford Learning Centre

  • Taught at Bright Culture Chemistry Tuition Centre

Weekly Physical Class Tuition

2-hour lessons are conducted weekly via physical class. Tutor will provide summary of topic and go through practices in class. Students can expect lots of engagement by tutor.

T.C.P. Methodology

T = Techniques on solving questions
C = Content mastery of all topics
P = Practice questions and solutions

Focus on Understanding

The O Level Chemistry syllabus requires students to have a deeper fundamental understanding of concepts and students who study via rote memory will not do well. 

Higher Order Questions

Practicing simple questions will not help students to improve, The Chemistry Practice will expose students to higher order questions in order to stretch their ability.

WhatsApp Q&A Support

All students of The Chemistry Practice will be given a direct number to the tutor, where they can WhatsApp chemistry questions from school or tuition.


Quizzes will be conducted after certain topics to check on students’ understanding and to help them consolidate. Quizzes will also help to identify the areas for improvement.

What Students Have To Say About Ms Hazel

When it came to chemistry, Ms Hazel was able to simplify things and make it enjoyable, such as explaining what affects the colors of different ionic compounds, which most teachers neglect and ask students to memorise blindly. She taught in-depth for several topics, so I had the edge over my classmates. Ms Hazel would always explain in-depth until I understood. It proved advantageous as I could solve many questions that made my peers struggle. Not to mention, Ms Hazel is also very patient. Because of her, chemistry became one of my favourite subjects.

Wen Jie

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Ms Hazel is a patient and endearing teacher. During my short 5 months with Ms Hazel, she would go the extra mile to ensure that every student had no doubts before leaving every lesson - she goes beyond the fixed lesson time to go through our doubts. Outside of lesson time, she was also always quick and responsive to help us in any way that she can in our school work any time in the week. My grades improved tremendously from an F9 to an A2 in O level. I highly recommend being under Ms Hazel’s guidance for Chemistry as she not only guided me through the subject, but had also changed my attitude towards it.

Wendy Ang

CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent

2023 Lesson Schedule and Fees

Students will need to attend one lesson per week, however, nearer to O Level Chemistry papers or End-of-Year exams for IP students, there will be extra lessons to prepare students for exams. Our O Level Chemistry / IP Chemistry curriculum for Sec 3 / Year 3 and Sec 4 / Year 4 classes are planned and structured such that our students will finish the syllabus in time for our revision programme prior to O Level examinations or End-of-Year examinations. 

The fees shown below are based on per lesson, however, fees will be collected on a termly basis (each term consist of 10 to 11 lessons). Depending on the number of lessons in the term, fees will be calculated accordingly. Term fees will be pro-rated for students joining in the midst of a term.

Term Schedule

Term Dates Number of lessons
Term 1
2 Jan - 2 Apr
Term 2
3 Apr - 11 Jun
Term 3
12 Jun - 27 Aug
Term 4 (Sec 3/ IP Year 3)
28 Aug - 26 Nov
Term 4 (Sec 4/ IP Year 4)
28 Aug - 5 Nov

Sec 3 / Year 3 Schedule

Branch Day Time Fees per lesson
10:00am - 12:00pm
5:00pm - 7:00pm
*Physical class lessons and online lessons are available for all timeslots*

Sec 4 / Year 4 Schedule

Branch Day Time Fees per lesson
12:30pm - 2:30pm
7:30pm - 9:30pm
*Physical class lessons and online lessons are available for all timeslots*

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